Land Areas

Medusa's Island - Deino Island

Teleporter: Medusa Teleporter

Coords: (527, 678)

DNA: Scipulor x2

Danger Level 31: 1660 HP

Stab: 66% Cut: 17% Impact: 17%

Deino, the most beautiful tropical island in all of Entropia is situated directly South of the Medusa Teleporter. The island is known for it’s thick and pure Scipulor spawns. If you have a Daily Scipulor Mission this is the single best place to come and work on it. Deino Island is home to hidden waterfalls, small ponds beaming with freshwater fauna and sandy beaches that welcome any traveler's tired feet.

#1 Scipulor Spawns available in all of Entropia
The VERY BEST Scipulor Daily Mission Location
Excellent Mining - High Mark Up % Ores and EnMatters
Excellent location to loot Chronicle Armor (L)
Excellent mob to loot ESI (Empty Skill Implant)
Excellent mob to loot Corrosive Attack Nanochip 6 (L)
Excellent mob to loot Tier 3 Components

OLA#39 Atrox Zone SW of Akmuul

Teleporter: Akmuul Island

Coords: (243, 269)

DNA: Atrox x2, Neconu x1

Danger Level 33: 1600 HP

Stab: 23% Cut: 36% Impact: 41%

Atrox Zone SW of Akmuul contains medium sized Atrox with good spawn rates. The Land Area is very large and spacious, allowing for multiple simultaneous hunters. OLA#39 is close to the Akmuul Teleporter on Akmuul Island. You’ll experience a unique landscape with alien-like flora and blue skies above. Atrox are a staple of Calypso, a classic Stab/Cut/Impact mob that provides many opportunities to hunters and a chance to score it big with their vast loot table.

The BEST Medium Sized Atrox spawns
10% of the LA contains Neconu
Excellent location to loot Supremacy Armor (L)
Excellent mob to loot ESI (Empty Skill Implant)
Excellent mob to loot Electric Attack Nanochip 5 (L)
Excellent mob to loot Tier 3, Tier 4 Components

OLA#50 That Freaking Cold Place

Teleporter: That Freaking Cold Place

Coords: (188, 515)

DNA: Neconu x6

Danger Level 21: 900 HP

Cut: 50% Impact: 50%

That Freaking Cold Place is a newly rediscovered gem on Calypso for Hunters. It’s popularity began to surge late 2019 and early 2020 when a Teleporter was purchased and placed on the Land Area, making it the most accessible Neconu Land Area on Calypso. Neconu is grinded primarily for their High MU% loot. This creature drops one of the best base oils in the game, Animal Heart Oil. It also has a common drop of Fine Wool, Angel Armor (L), and Tier 7 Components. This is truly a spectacular mob for any mid-level hunter to grind. Make sure to dress warm, and if you need refilled on any hunting essentials make sure to visit the two shopkeepers standing next to the Medusa Teleporter.

#1 Neconu spawns for rapid Codex Missions
Calypso best kept secret! A HIGH MU% Mob
Excellent location to loot Angel Armor (L)
Excellent mob to loot Animal Heart Oil
Excellent mob to loot Cryogenic Attack Nanochip 9 (L)
Excellent mob to loot Tier 7 Components