Character Classes

Atrox Nomad

Shot into space over a millennia ago, the Nomads were part of the Odysseus Project. In search for more habitable planets and resources to grow, expand, and colonize the universe, the Nomads were treated like “Space Monkeys”. The unknown, high risk, high pay, and years of solitude spoke to their souls. These people didn’t need anyone else keeping them company, they were the social outcasts and vagabonds of their home planet, so they would have willingly left Earth. Society had turned their backs on this group long ago, and they learned quickly to put themselves first, in order to survive. They gladly climbed into those hyperbaric chambers, closing that chapter of their lives, to awake light years away from home... from anyone.

Fifteen lifetimes later, pods rained down on Calypso and the Nomads got to work. Terraforming and colonizing Amethera was not easy, but if anyone were up to the challenge, it would be the Nomads. They never back down from a challenge. Hell, this was made abundantly clear when one of them walked right up to an Atrox before even knowing what it was, and wrestled it to the ground. Moments later this brash colonists was being tossed to the side, only to have his flesh savagely ripped from the bone, all the while screaming in front of his onlooking peers. Clearly intellect was not one of their strong suits, however, fear was not in their DNA. This didn’t stop them, it didn’t even phase their progress. They deployed their tools and slowly improved their gear, and ultimately killing Atrox became somewhat of a game to them.

An unknown amount of time went by, with broken transponders and lack of communication from anyone, the Nomads became more separated, further embracing their hermit-like tendencies. They think of themselves as a “quiet" and "tough” people, who are "resilient" and "resourceful". Killing the Atrox Southwest of Akmuul provides the Nomad not only food, but entertainment and a way to pass the time. Regarded by nearly everyone else on Calypso as “deformed freaks", “autistic retards”, and “Atrox Fuckers”, the Nomad cared not. They not only embraced these terms, calling each other by these nicknames frequently, but use them as a show of deep respect. They live their lives not caring what others think. The only approval they seek is an inner approval. There's a silent bout of confidence you immediately sense when you first meet them. Nomads mostly keep their heads down, and a middle finger held high to the rest of Calypso. They don't need your approval, so move along.

Scip Fixer

During the Robot Uprising, settlers got as far away from the radiation at Akbal as they could. Many of them found a new home on Deino Island, where they faced yet another threat, the Scipulor. Those that could successfully fend off the creatures grew stronger and flourished. Scip Blades were removed from the creatures, and later sold for their medicinal and stimulant properties. This new trade created an emerging market opportunity for Shopkeepers at Medusa Bazaar. Medistims, Accustims, Neurostims, and Devastims were crafted by extracting and refining the toxin chemicals found in Scip Blades.

A community formed. Bound together by prosperity, honor and trust, fueled by a shared passion for the fighting arts. The Fixer quickly became one of the most prominent and respected people across the system. Opulence came to those residing at Deino Island due to the explosive sales and popularity of these new enhancing drugs delivered in pill form. Their financial success allowed the Fixer to reinvest their wealth and upgrade their gear, increasing their firepower and armor protection. Although fortune had come their way, the Fixer remained steadfast in their humility and passion for war. They never became “soft”, as many others would have, given the same comfortable circumstances.

Close-knit and communal, the Fixer travel in packs, willing to readily sacrifice their lives for a comrade. Their respect is hard earned but cherished by those lucky enough to gain it. There’s almost a spirituality felt amongst this group while out on the hunt. While they will kill Scipulor by the thousands, do not mistake their acts of violence for savage brutality. They believe that one life perishes so that another may go on. The Scipulor are the life-blood of the Fixer, and they know this, carefully controlling the Scipulor population is of the utmost importance to them. Every kill of theirs is followed by a ritual cleansing of the carcass, where thanks is given to Lootius for the abundance they receive. They are a pensive people, full of grace and brotherhood, whose class and tact have launched many of them into positions of power and great wealth on Calypso.