Solo Grind or Make a Team!

Each global earns Gold & Silver

Get daily globals to unlock Silver bonuses! Weekly & Monthly Silver bonuses go to the top hunters! Level up to unlock PED rewards!


No account needed! We never ask you for any sensitive information

All globals are automatically tracked and updated

Teams and personal account balances are public

How Do I Join?

No registration required for Solo Hunters

Start by hunting on any of the participating Land Areas

Teams need to have the word "Team" in them, please register the team and team captain's name here

The ULTIMATE Grinder Event!

Rewards From Every Global!

OLA #02 Atrox Paradise Deino Island S of Medusa Teleporter OLA#50 Freaking Cold Place OLA#30 Bibo n' Bery Stalkers OLA#30 Bibo n' Bery Stalkers
Globals add Gold to (2) Jackpots
(1) Mob Jackpot: Adds 4 Gold to Atrox Jackpot Adds 4 Gold to Scipulor Jackpot Adds 4.5 Gold to Neconu Jackpot Adds 2 Gold to Bibo n' Bery Jackpot Adds 2 Gold to Bibo n' Bery Jackpot
(2) EntropiaGold Jackpot: Adds 2 Gold to EntropiaGold Jackpot Adds 2 Gold to EntropiaGold Jackpot Adds 2.5 Gold to EntropiaGold Jackpot Adds 1 Gold to EntropiaGold Jackpot Adds 1 Gold to EntropiaGold Jackpot

Jackpots & Winning Conditions Here

Note: Jackpots pay out 100% of the Gold winnings when won, they fill up over, and over again!

Unregistered teams that win a jackpot before the team is registered will have the team's global removed as if it never happened.
Any Gold the unregistered team won will be removed from the unregistered team's balance and returned to the jackpot(s).
Please register your team before hunting in the event! Register your team here, You may also PM Rachel MsPudding Hawkins in game to register

Grind Gold & Silver!

Earn Gold & Silver from each global! 2 or more globals in a day rewards you with bonus Silver!

Each Global Gold Reward Silver Reward
Atrox 4 100
Scipulor 4 100
Neconu 4.5 125
Berycled or Combibo 2 50

Gold & Silver balances here

Daily Globals Mob Type Daily Bonus Silver
0-1 High HP Mobs 0
0-1 Low HP Mobs 0
2 High HP Mobs 100
2 Low HP Mobs 50
3 High HP Mobs 150
3 Low HP Mobs 75
4 High HP Mobs 200
4 Low HP Mobs 100
5-9 High HP Mobs 300
5-9 Low HP Mobs 150
10-14 High HP Mobs 400
10-14 Low HP Mobs 200
15+ High HP Mobs 500
15+ Low HP Mobs 250

High HP Mobs

Low HP Mobs

Rewards on High HP & Low HP mobs are balanced, hunt whichever!

Hunt Variety: kill both high and low hp mobs daily, w/ 2 globals or more per category, you collect daily bonus Silver from both!

Top Weekly Hunters

Weekly Top 10 Silver Reward
Rank 1-10 +750 Silver per Hunter

Top Monthly Hunters

Monthly Top 15 Silver Reward
Rank 1-15 +2500 Silver per Hunter

Weekly/Monthly rankings here
1 global on high hp mobs counts as 1, low hp mobs counts as .5

Prize Claims
Redeem Gold or Silver

250150 PED
500325 PED
1000700 PED
25001875 PED
50004250 PED
75006750 PED
1000010000 PED
250001 AUD
400002 AUD
650004 AUD
12000010 AUD
2500001 CLD

Deed values are "frozen", protecting the value of the Silver you grind, in the event of a price crash. CLDs at 2750 PED and AUDs at 100 PED; If deed price varies more than 10% either way, PED covers the difference. Once you grind enough Gold or Silver to obtain any of the available prizes, you can PM Rachel MsPudding Hawkins in game, or on
Discord MsP#9453

Achieve Levels for PED Rewards

Level Up Your Avatar!
Player/Team LevelPED Reward
25200 PED
50500 PED
75 1000 PED
100 1500 PED
1252500 PED
1503000 PED
1755000 PED
20010000 PED

Example: A level 100 achievement pays a cumulative 3200 PED reward
Levels are increasingly difficult to obtain. The event is designed to offer long-term incentives. On average, Achievements award 2 PED per global. PM MsPudding to collect a PED reward