Lootius Mayhem

Learn the Rules of Lootius Mayhem in 6 Minutes

Lootius Mayhem features a starting prize pool of 40,000 PED, and only gets bigger as we unlock new global totals. This epic event takes place over 35 days and across 3 Land Areas and 3 Core Mobs. A Core Mob is a Scipulor, Atrox, or Neconu. Players choose a character class by getting their first global on one of the three Core Mobs. Each character class has a unique formula, and unique set of skills, that determine how a Placement Score is calculated. The better your Placement Score, the better your prize; but better does not always mean a higher score.

Placement Scores consist of your top 20 globals and HOFs on Core Mobs, with a value between 50 and 399, averaged. Add them up and divide by 20, this allows you to improve your score the more you hunt.

You can raise your Placement Score with bonus points from any hunting global on a Core Mob that's 400 PED and greater, during all 35-days. The larger the global size, the more bonus points awarded. Gobaling on Gokibusagi will result in micro bonus points that raise your Placement Score. In this way, you have at your disposal a blunt instrument, and a fine tool, capable of making large or minor adjustments to your score.

Conversely, you can lower your Placement Score, with any hunting global on a Calypsocod or Razortooth. Globaling on any type of EnergyMatter will result in micro adjustments that lower your Placement Score. Remember, globaling on Ores can potentially raise your score, while EnergyMatter globals will always lower your score. So, be careful which type of resource you search for.